My steps into becoming a developer

Hello, my name is Jennifer, I’m 27 years old and a web developer in ascension. As most of you guys I imagine, I’ve been stuck at home for four months now… So today I decided to try writing some fragments of my technology adventures.

In this first post, I will tell you about my career :)

Actually I’m graduated in Environmental Sanitation Technology and worked in this area until 2017. That same year I decided to move to Florianópolis with my fiancé. Floripa is a huge technology hub and I wasn’t very happy with what I was achieving in my profession, so I’ve made up my mind and decided to learn programming by myself.
Even before I become really interested in this area I always remember a fun fact about it. When I was younger I dated a boy that studied Computer Engineering and sometimes I helped him study (I remember clearly building a calculator using C and something about compilers), despite liking all these things at that time, I didn’t have a free schedule to attend this course because I needed to work by day and go to college only at night.

So, coming back to 2017… I made some clumsy searches and understood that the frontend was a good start if I was going to learn by myself. I started to make some online courses about HTML, CSS, and JS. A couple of months later I started an Analysis and Systems Development course at a Private University in Florianópolis.
In the same year, I took part in Gama Experience, a very cool digital immersion. In this program, I had the opportunity to discover myself and what would become my short-term goals. I worked with hackers (developers), hipsters (designers), hypers (digital marketers), and hustlers (inside sales). I didn’t know a lot of technical stuff but I finished first on my stack and 6th in general. I was very surprised and happy, that gave me the boost that I needed and made me believe more in myself. (It’s no easy changing careers… you always think you are behind people that have been studying this for a long time and, especially in the beginning, you have that fear and thoughts about having made the right decision).

After this immersion, I was called to four interviews, the last one was in a company called Dialetto. I started my first internship as a developer there. I worked with newsletters and WordPress. This company was the key to my curious spirit, I’ve worked as a freelance for them until this year!

Three months later I was called to a UI internship opportunity in McFadyen and I also changed to a public and better university and started a new course of Information Technology Management.
The new internship was a boom! There I worked with JavaScript, Knockout JS, HTML, and CSS in an intercultural team — I worked with people from Brazil, India, and USA. Also in this company, I learned JS with a great tech lead. Robert is Polish so it was a challenge to understand each other but he pushed me as hard as he could to make me a better and technical developer. He saw all the potential in me. — One day I want to become the tech lead that he is.

Seven months later he went back to work in the UK and I started a new internship on E3C. I came back to Vanilla JS, and it was great! I learned about DOM, old browsers, old JS (hehe), and worked using a lot of APIs for eight months. I learned sooo much! Yeah, So I stayed two years as an intern through three different companies and felt that I was able to really be responsible for all my code from that point forward. That’s when Linx appears, the company that I work now, and am a FullStack developer for more than a year.

When I started there, I was scared because all my coworkers were so good… the Imposter Syndrome attacked me but I kept myself studying harder. Nowadays I work with Vue JS, Cypress, Python — I’m on a microservices project. I’ve been developing my soft skill as a manager as well because I discovered that I like to lead a team… to inspire and help them. So this is my future goal: to be a tech lead!

Sometimes I look back and I almost can’t believe that I’ve evolved so much and so fast… It was not easy, I studied a lot, I put all of myself on this and it was worth it! It’s really great to work with something that I love!
I appreciate that this area has always so much to learn and grow… coding was one of the best choices of my entire life! (And I will share some of my technical thoughts after this first post).
I hope you liked it and nice to meet you :)

Developer focused on technology for troubleshooting! A clean code lover, functional programming enthusiast and passionate about sharing knowledge.